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sauce studio

we have a
kinda crazy idea

While building The Sarap Shop, we learned that it’s possible to build a business that can be values driven, profitable, and growing at a pace that matches your desired lifestyle.

We didn’t leave our 9-5s to work 24/7 and we don’t think anyone else pursuing their big idea should either.

(Unless it’s a once in a while thing that you’re so juiced about that you just can’t help yourself!)

So here is V1 of our pet project, the Sauce Studio — a space where we’ll share resources and services that empower you to work smarter so you can play harder.

diy resources

Keep your eyes peeled for resources to post soon! These will be easy-to-understand, practice tools that you can immediately start using to generate better results.

ask for hands-on, radical collaboration

We’re also taking on a handful of businesses at a time to work on their goals with our multidisciplinary team of business consultants. Because let’s be real — you can watch all those webinars and read all those books solo, but nothing beats having some partners-in-crime to get their hands dirty with you and bring the fun to your problem solving space.

If you’d like to be considered for this deep, radical collaboration, we invite you to submit your interest below to start the process. Questions of all sizes and shapes are welcome here.


Until further notice, we are offering our services for free to our community members. So far this has looked like:

  • business owners who don’t speak English as a first language and are struggling to access existing programs

  • seasoned neighborhood shop owners who are less tech-literate and struggling to transition their business online

  • first-generation, children of immigrants who are also primary-breadwinners of their families

Help us fund the programming to continue to provide these services for free.