Sauce Kit — ZITRO Collection


A dedication to Lydia and Lorenz’ Dad, who lived a beautiful love story and made an overwhelming mountain of joyful memories with his kids.

Their parents just celebrated their 50th anniversary on December 20, 2020, a few days before he passed. They met in college in Manila and were sweethearts until the end. 💜

Enjoy artwork inspired by their favorite Filipino Love Songs and recipes inspired by their Dad’s favorite foods.


Meet Lydia and Lorenz Ortiz — both world-class creatives and also siblings.

LYDIA ORTIZ  //  Illustrator & Art Director

Designer at Chronicle Books & Proud 🇵🇭 Filipina Immigrant

Lydia Ortiz

LORENZ ORTIZ  //  Art Director

Proudly Made in Manila & Making in San Francisco
Lorenz Ortiz


  • 3 bottles of our signature sauces — We love to use these for cooking or as condiments to add a little extra yum to our favorite foods.

  • 3 recipe cards — Designed for our friends that want to keep the meals mouthwatering without sacrificing playtime. All recipes are under 30 minutes with a shortlist of flexible ingredients.

  • 1 activity card — A simple activity good for solo self-care time or for easy bonding with a loved one.



🤯 super sarap cooking sauce — 9oz bottle

Supercharge everything — from takeout to kitchen staples to pantry finds — with our savory & citrus-y all-purpose sauce. Dip it. Sizzle it. Marinate it. Use it in endlessly sarap (it means tasty 😋) ways.

🍃plant-based 🌾 gluten-free contains: soy

❤️ yay-ioli garlic sauce — 9oz bottle

Treat yourself to a little extra luxury with each bite of your fav foods. This is your creamy, dreamy, & garlicky partner-in-crime to carbs, a glass of wine, a cozy blanket, & your bestie.

🍃plant-based 🌾 gluten-free contains: soy

🔥 ahy! sauce i’m spicy — 9oz bottle

A one of a kind blend of malinamnam (that means umami), tangy, sweet, & spicy Filipino flavors you’ll want to put on everything. Guaranteed to make any saucey auntie yelp, “Ahy Sauce!” 😉

🍃plant-based 🌾 gluten-free contains: soy, sesame